Baitmaker Chum

Catch Live Bait

The importance of live bait cannot be stressed enough. Rarely does anything out fish well-presented, locally caught live bait.

Available in 5 and 10 pound kits

  • Makes it easier to catch bait
  • Attracts bait fish to you
  • Great for cast-netting or using a sadiki
  • Disperses in water column and attracts many species
  • Spend less time getting bait and more time fishing

“Time is money” as they say. Spending time in the early morning chasing bait goes against the strong urge to run out to your spot and start fishing. The faster you can “Make Bait”. the faster you can go fishing. Bait maker is a moist product that is thrown to attract and concentrate baitfish to your location. Concentrated schools of baitfish and white bait are easier to throw a cast net on. In deeper water, schools of baitfish can be gathered with Bait maker and caught with a Sadiki rig. To Use: Grab a handful of Bait maker, squeeze it slightly and throw it to the desired location. Bait maker will disperse throughout the water column and attract a variety of species from down current. Bait maker sticks together when squeezed and allows you to place it where you want, regardless of wind speed. No more getting covered with fine powder. No more stinky, canned attractants.