Bring Chum Or Stay On The Dock!

Nothing beats a natural food source to truly make a fish bite. Aquatic Nutrition utilizes products derived from the sea such as menhanden, shrimp, fish oil, squid and many other ingredients combined to produce our fishing products. is our general information site we created to introduce you to Aquatic Nutrition Inc’s sport fishing products. To learn more information on all our products follow the details button to each products page. To order products directly from us click on the order now buttons and you will be redirected to our Aquatic Nutrition ecommerce store at

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Q8 Super Bait

Super Worms

Q8 Super Bait

Super Shrimps

Q8 Super Bait

Bullet Jerk Bait

Q8 Super Bait

Curly Tail Swim Bait

Q8 Super Bait

Paddle Tail

Q8 Halibait OctoSquid

Fish Can’t Bite Them Off

Snapper Up

Snapper Chum

Mojo Menhaden Oil

Powerful Fish Attractant


Get Your Fish Feeding

Chum Cloud

Sinking Oil Cloud

Chum Drop

Chum Ball Mix

Chum Slick

Feeding Stimulant

Yellowtail Up

Snapper Chum

Mojo Fishing Oats

With Menhaden Oil & Shrimp

Super Shrimps

Chum Pellets

Prime Condition

Live Bait Feed

Baitmaker Chum

Catch Live Bait

Flats Magic

Chum Pellets

Crab Trap Bait

Long Lasting

Mojo Ultimate

Saltwater Bait

Fish Trap Bait

Long Lasting

Crappie Up

Crappie Bait

Mojo Fish Chum

Slow Sinking

Mojo Cat

Catfish Bait


Top Predator Chum

It’s a fish eat fish world out there

The science behind making fish strike an object or a bait is our ever evolving quest.