Chum Slick

Feeding Stimulant

Chum Slick sinking feeding stimulant attracts all varieties of fish.

Available in 1 quart, 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers

  • Powerfully effective feeding stimulant and attractant
  • Attracts many species of saltwater game fish and Sharks
  • Sinking formula
  • Great by itself or combine with other attractants and chums
  • Contains Menhaden oil with Shrimp and 17 amino acids
  • Very Thick Liquid

Warning This Product Smells Like Death ! If you can handle the smell, it will catch fish. Chum slick is a highly concentrated semi-solid feeding stimulant that is made from baitfish, Menhaden and other ingredients. It is bottled and preserved. The best way to deploy this is in a bottle with a hole drilled in the cap. Drag it behind the boat. It can also be mixed with other products or even rolled oats. Chum slick attracts almost all species and is extremely good at attracting sharks. VERY concentrated.