Q8 Bullet Jerk Bait

Smells Alive Tastes Alive

Bleeding bait technology, long lasting scent and flavor! Q8 scent and taste of live prey is emitted continuously. Made with natural ingredients that fish recognize.

More Durable Saturated Scent

Available Colors: Black Magic Gold, White Pearl, Lucky Penny, Flesh, Pilchy Power, SB Purple & Natural Penaeus

It casts like a bullet. Use with a 1/8-ounce jig head or weightless wide gap hook over weeds. Jerk-Jerk Reel …. Jerk-Jerk Reel has been a very effective retrieval method.

Experience your bait being eaten instead of just a reaction strike. Q8 bullet casts further, covers more water, the darting of a Q8 Bullet Jerk bait moving side to side or hopping along the bottom is irresistible to many gamefish. They investigate it, strike it, and hold on because it smells alive and tastes alive. Just like a baitfish, shrimp, or squid, the scent and flavor is saturated throughout the bait not just on the surface. Fish hammer it and hold on. More durable, more affordable and more effective than even live bait!

  • More Durable Than Other Scented Soft Baits
  • Saturated in Scent, Longer Lasting
  • Comes Pre-Charged
  • Bleeding Bait Technology
  • Smells ALIVE, Tastes ALIVE