Q8 Paddle Tail

Smells Alive Tastes Alive

Bleeding bait technology, long lasting scent and flavor! Q8 scent and taste of live prey is emitted continuously. Made with natural ingredients that fish recognize.

More Durable Saturated Scent

Available Colors: Black Magic Gold, White Pearl, Pilchy Power, Mullet Run & Purple Haze

Cast and retrieve. Covers a lot of water fast. Probably the most effective and easiest to use shape.

Predator fish naturally target fleeing baitfish. The vibration from a tail frantically trying to escape triggers the response. As the fish gets close (within striking distance) natural instincts in the predator fish determine a go… or no go strike. An injured baitfish exudes a scent that the predator quickly recognizes. Q8 Paddle Tail minnows release a natural scent and flavor the encourages the fish to strike. Long casting, extra durable cover a lot of water…catch more fish!

  • More Durable Than Other Scented Soft Baits
  • Saturated in Scent, Longer Lasting
  • Comes Pre-Charged
  • Bleeding Bait Technology
  • Smells ALIVE, Tastes ALIVE