Q8 Super Worms

Smells Alive Tastes Alive

Bleeding bait technology, long lasting scent and flavor! Q8 scent and taste of live prey is emitted continuously. Made with natural ingredients that fish recognize.

More Durable Saturated Scent

Available Colors: Lucky Penny, White Pearl, Hot Orange, Hot Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Blood Red, Blood Worm & Black Magic Gold

Have you ever heard about the high cost of credit? How about fishing on credit? Ever drop a natural bait such as squid or sardines down to the bottom of 50 or 100 feet, or make that perfect cast with a shrimp, then immediately get a tap on your line, and then wait 5 minutes without any other indication of a bite? Then you reel your line up and your bait is gone! You start thinking …. How long have I been fishing on credit? AKA fishing with no bait! You think, did I miss that opportunity, am I still on my spot?

Q8 Super Worms are naturally ultra flexible and super tough. We have inserted an internal woven vein right into our Super Worm and when pierced with your hook it is almost impossible to bite off. This means more bites and no more fishing on credit. Super worms continuously emit scent and flavor fish find irresistible. Use them on a single hook alone, or in combination with a jig.

We all know how effective tipping your Bait Rigs and Sabiki Rigs with a piece of squid or shrimp can be. The problem is that you spend a lot of time rebaiting those tiny hooks each time you are after bait fish. Q8 Super Worms solves this problem. Use a small piece on your Sabiki/Bait Rigs to quickly catch all the live baits you want as long as you want and as fast as you want.

Use worms as a trailer on your trolling lures for pelagic species instead of ballyhoo, bonito strips or squid because they do not “wash out” at any speed you want to troll them. Use a combination of colors of Q8 Super Worms to match the hot color fish are currently biting on. Pin a bunch of worms on a hook or jig to mimic a squid or octopus. All with the ability to stay in the strike zone with naturally flavored bait without the worry of fishing on credit! Super strong, saturated with scent and flavor.

  • More Durable Than Other Scented Soft Baits
  • Saturated in Scent, Longer Lasting
  • Comes Pre-Charged
  • Bleeding Bait Technology
  • Smells ALIVE, Tastes ALIVE